Welp, here goes. This is my first blog post. I set things up using Git hub pages, Jekyll, and Forestry.io. Setting this up was a whole different world for me. As crazy and difficult as the Apple ecosystem is, at least I am used to it.

About me, I’ve been developing apps for iOS for near 10 years. Recently I wanted to branch out, and learn something new. I decided to learn some web dev, as I think it would fit well with my mobile dev skill set. Man what a different world.

I spent a few days just browsing around indiehackers.com and reddit.com to figure out what tech stack to learn. I settled on Laravel, it seemed to be a pretty mature, robust platform. I have not done PHP dev in years, so I hit up codeacademy to learn PHP. Also did a udemy.com course on web dev.

From there, went through some of the screen casts on laracasts.com. I was able to get a somewhat simple site up and running using BackPack.

After I got that sample up and running, I started playing around with javascript. I’m still in the middle of learning it, but I figured I’d get a blog setup and document some of my journey