So the reason I was learning Javascript was to be able to build a Chrome Extension. I’ve been looking around for a side business idea, and think I have one. So I started learning Javascript with the idea of publishing a Chrome Extension. Learning Javascript hasn’t been great, but publishing a Chrome Extension has been really simple.

I’ve been testing the extension a ton, turns out to submit it to the Chrome Web Store, all I had to do is zip up the directory I’ve been using. So much simpler than Apple’s provisioning profile nonsense.

I registered a dev account on the Chrome Web Store, paid $5 to be verified. From there it was just uploading the zip file, setting some simple metadata, and uploading images.

I also created a Youtube Video and uploaded a link to that. All super easy to do, and Chrome Webstore allows you to change your metadata after you upload. Apple a few years ago had made it that updating metadata required an app update.

Right now my extension is in private beta, but hopefully after a little work I will be able to release it to the public. 🙏